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At Portfolio Language Services, we are committed to corporate training and organizational development in Canada. We have the entire wherewithal. By the time you are done with this piece, you would include content marketing in your list of training programme for employees in your organization With us, you will learn structured writing best practices proven to make content easier to use for both people and systems.

Benefits of our Training

  • Learners will benefit by writing clear and concise content more effectively.
  • Readers will benefit by finding answers to questions quickly and interpreting the information correctly.
  • The organization will benefit from improved communication efficiency.

Get started with eLearning

Access Portfolio Language Services Writing eLearning courses on our Learning Management System (LMS) and get the Precision Content Writer Training Standards Guide and Quick Reference Card. Courses include:
The purpose of this course is to introduce learners to planning and structuring content based on the core concepts of the Precision Content writing methodology. This course has seven modules.
The purpose of this course is to build learners’ skills in writing structured content. This course consists of eight modules.

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About us

We offer high-quality Training And eLearning services at an affordable price for people.

Portfolio Language Services is an established Technical company providing content writing, proofreading, editing and translation jobs. From start-ups to corporations, we have clients across industries including IT, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and consulting to name a few


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Looking at Learning with The Best Technical writing service Provider in Canada?

At Portfolio Language Services, we are committed to corporate training and organizational development in Nigeria. We have the entire wherewithal. By the time you are done with this piece, you would include content marketing in your list of training programmes for employees in your organization.

We offer the best content writing training service in Canada. Therefore, if you are searching for writing classes in Canada for your employees, welcome, you have arrived. We are the answer to your question of which company gives best training on content marketing for your staff.

Portfolio Language Services is into corporate training, helping the content writing team to become customer-centric in content approach. You can take this to be that refresher training course that you seek for your employees. Portfolio Language Services is top training company you can’t do without because of the fact that your writing team needs to populate your blog, social media and all platforms where your stakeholders can be found. Portfolio Language Services is the company that gives the best training on content marketing – everything it takes to write content for all stakeholders of your organization.

Maybe you have asked yourself time and time again: What training programmes are there for employees? We like to present to you one which you have always ignored but which actually is the first training your creatives should take, called, content marketing.

Literally, content marketing is telling you to engage in marketing ONLY through content. What does it mean to do marketing through content? It means to build your business or brand by providing value to your stakeholders. That is, content that provides all the information or education needs of your readers while driving leads in the process.

A content that won’t drive leads or bring customers to your business is just that – content. A marketing piece that just says: Buy, buy, buy is just that – marketing.

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We have a team of highly skilled translators who are experts in their respective fields.

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we offer a wide range of language services to meet the needs of our clients

Portfolio Language Services, The most popular Technical writing Training Center in Canada

There is no big grammar here. The idea of content marketing is that all content MUST NOT read like a sale pitch so that readers won’t run away. If you recall the idea of birthing public relations to fill the gap that advertising couldn’t, that is it! Naturally, people don’t like to read promotional messages, you know.

Content marketing must be strategic enough to drive leads. Content marketing must be informational enough to give the reader value. The reader must never leave your page feeling you robbed him intellectually. He should go home with something.

Let us attempt another definition:  Content marketing is simply supplying your readers with information needs, while sandwiching a sales pitch in between…very subtly though. Your customers are really not interested in what you are selling, they are interested in what gives them value. So show them through your content what value your product or service brings to them.

Just like the piece you are reading now. You can agree with us, this piece has taught you a thing or two about content marketing that won’t clear up before now. That is the value we gave you in the midst of selling our content marketing crash training programme.

We trust by now you are beginning to see why it has to be content marketing – nothing to add, nothing to remove. We decided to go this kindergarten so it can be clearer for you.

Perhaps, you have a content team in-house who should generate winning strategic content for all your platforms, mainstream and online. But the challenge has always been churning out content that truly speaks to all your stakeholders, using the language that each of them understands. We know this for sure. It’s a problem. In fact, what they do everyday at work is lazy about until its COB and they go home. When they write, the marketing part of content marketing disappears. When they write, all you see is “marketing,” no content. Either of these is bereft of what a true content marketing is all about.

If your team has been generating content that reads ‘salesy’ as we like to put it, you would have failed as content marketers – vice versa.

At Portfolio Language Services, we offer two to three days crash training for corporates who want their in-house content team to be able to populate their blog and other platforms with their messaging. We shall train your team so proficiently that they become content marketers in three days.

As you can see, our content writing training service is the best you can get across Nigeria. We give you that balance that a true content writer should demonstrate in writing. We designed our training programme in a way that once you take the classes, you become industry baked for that purpose.

We teach you so much you would, thereafter, write without sacrificing quality anymore.

Again, we have a BIG bonus we would hand you at the end of the training. Whereas other training services offer just the training material, we go the extra mile to hand you both the training material and our unique digital content writing style guide. The document is a fully-fledged one you can’t find in the internet or anywhere else. We were able to sew it that even a dummy could write winning content with it.

Please allow Portfolio Language Services to train you, your content writing team, your loved ones…anybody you want the content marketing skills for. You will see why we insist we should be your trainers at the end.

Your company blog will know that something happened. (smiles).

Call us for booking now. All our hotlines are in Whatsapp too. You can send us email as well. Big thanks.


Are you looking for the best Technical writing Training center in Canada?

 Look no further than Portfolio Language Service, With over 10 years of experience in the industry.

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We are here to Give you the Best Technical writing Training

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In addition to their internal quality assurance process, Portfolio Language Service also uses the latest writing technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency

 And also offers a wide range of Technical writing services to clients in the Canada and beyond.

Why choose our Technical writing Training services in Canada

Our Technical writing Training services in Canada are abundant and affordable, 

You will Learn and practice planning techniques and writing methods to write clear, concise, well-structured content. That is;

  • Learners will benefit by writing clear and concise content more effectively.
  • Readers will benefit by finding answers to questions quickly and interpreting the information correctly.
  • The organization will benefit from improved communication efficiency.

Technical writing services in Canada have grown rapidly in the last few years. It is a very competitive market and we need to remain strong and hope that sooner or later, our academic writer will fully capture the market.

Portfolio Language Services is one of the leading Technical writing companies in Canada, providing professional Technical writing services for all kinds of needs

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced Technical writers, with expertise in various fields like finance, marketing, technology and more. Our aim is to produce high-quality content that will help your business stand out from the competition.

We give the best Services

Portfolio Language Services provides a complete spectrum of technical writing solutions, from initial content strategies, requirement analysis, and content design, to copywriting, single source publishing, and content management. For clients that deploy products globally, Portfolio Language Services also provides professional document translation services in over 100 languages.  In addition to user guides and product documentation, we also write for your social media presence on Instagram and Facebook to meet today’s digital economy requirements.

Are you looking for an experienced and cost effective technical writing service that also works fast to meet your professional content authoring needs? Then look no further than Portfolio Language Services, a modern, on-demand document writing service on the cloud. We’ve simplified the content creation and delivery process so you can obtain quality technical documents quickly to accelerate time to market for your products. Contact us today to receive a technical writing quote.

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Whether you need a single technical writer for a brief project, or a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation, the quality of our documentation is guaranteed for you. Our clients’ work closely with an Engagement Manager from one of our 30 local offices for the entire length of your project at no additional cost.

Bridging Language Barriers for Successful Communication.

At Portfolio Language Services, we understand that effective communication is vital for success in today's globalized world. Our document translation services have helped countless individuals, businesses, and organizations break language barriers and achieve their communication goals. We take pride in our role as a trusted language partner, enabling our clients to communicate with confidence and clarity in diverse linguistic and cultural contexts.

Stay Updated with Our Latest Language Service Updates.

At Portfolio Language Services, we are constantly striving to improve and expand our language services to better serve our clients. Stay updated with our latest news, announcements, and industry insights to learn more about our innovative translation solutions, new language offerings, and updates on the language service industry.


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