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What is interpretation equipment?

Interpretation Equipment is used in a broad spectrum of different conferences. Interpretation Systems consist of different components like the Interpretation Booth, Interpretation Console, Transmitters / Radiators, and wireless receivers.

What is the meaning of equipment rental?
Equipment rental, also called plant hire in some countries (in the UK for instance), is a service industry providing machinery, equipment and tools of all kinds and sizes
Interpretation Equipment Purchases

Do you find yourself frequently needing simultaneous interpretation equipment for conferences? Do you want to make a long-term investment in the equipment? Translation Excellence provides top quality interpretation booths and Williams Sound equipment at competitive rates to ensure that your next conference, business meeting, or tour runs smoothly.

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The main difference between translation and interpretation is that translation involves written content, while interpretation involves verbal communication. Translation uses computer aided translation tools and takes place over a period of time. Interpretation uses a different set of equipment, and it happens in real time usually over a short period of time.

Use a professional translation and interpreting service when you need high-quality or quick turnarounds on translations or interpreting services. A language service provider should have the language resources to accommodate your needs and provide a high-quality result.

Interpretation Booths

Perfect for large venues and noise-sensitive environments, our fully enclosed interpreters’ booths are designed to work with most sizes and venue configurations, and can accommodate two or three interpreters. Our expert technicians assemble them in the configuration that best suits your event space.

When space or time is extremely limited, our table-top booths are just the right size, easily fitting on just about any table while providing sufficient sound proofing.

Multilingual Distribution Systems

Our IR (infrared radiation) multilingual distribution system is designed specifically for multilingual conferences. The interpretation is easily heard while being transmitted through a receiver and headset, ensuring that your message is delivered in the required language. Interpreters can choose to listen to the “floor” (what is heard over the PA system) or change listening channels to any of the languages being offered.

Wireless Transmitters

Our versatile transmitters are compatible with many common inputs, including microphones for direct voice input, feeds from a sound board, or connection to an MP3 player. They eliminate the need for loud-speakers, and volume controls provide as much or as little sound re-enforcement as needed.

Headsets / Receivers

Our radio frequency (FM) and infrared (IR) receivers provide maximum sound quality and allow for up to 31 languages to be interpreted simultaneously. They can be used with portable transmitters and allow participants to individually adjust the volume without the need to take the device off. 

Ubiqus is one of the nation’s largest authorized suppliers of the Digi-Wave digital communication system. When facing time or budget constraints or security concerns, Digi-Wave is a great choice for seamless simultaneous interpretation in up to 14 languages.

Tour Guide Systems

This is the ideal solution for factory tours, exhibitions and other meetings on the go. With a transmission range of up to 150 feet, it enables an undisturbed listening experience. Participants are able to individually adjust the volume on their receivers, while channels can be easily set and adjusted to maximize sound quality and to allow for interpretation of more than one language.

Delegate Microphone Systems

Also known as conference microphones or push-to-talk microphones, delegate microphones enable interactive discussions while maintaining order during your meeting. We carry several microphone systems, from the basic wired to the more intricate wireless push-to-talks.

Our microphones can be used in multiple event set-ups, from boardrooms to crescent rounds, and they allow easy connection to other audio systems. 

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Are you in need of on-demand, and quality Interpretation Equipment?

Portfolio Language Services is your solution! Our professional interpreters are available 24/7. And it’s easy! Simply create an account and connect instantly to our qualified, screened interpreters. No set-up fee. No monthly minimum.


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Common Uses for our Interpretation Equipments

Our Interpretation equipment can aid communication in any multilingual meeting, event, or consultation, whether between two people or a speaker and audience. The most common uses for interpretation systems are:

  • Tours and visits
  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Court trials
  • Employee training
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Sermons
  • Medical consultations
  • Educational events
  • Broadcasts

The type and amount of equipment you need will vary, depending on the occasion. Live events typically require simultaneous interpretation using equipment such as microphones, transmitters, receivers, interpreter consoles, and soundproof booths. These devices are also suitable for events where culturally diverse audience members speak many different languages.

Smaller meetings, such as parent-teacher conferences and medical consultations, benefit more from consecutive interpretation, where an interpreter has more time to translate the nuances of the language. In some cases, these smaller events might not require special equipment.

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We have a team of highly skilled Interpreters who are experts in their respective fields.

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we offer a wide range of language services to meet the needs of our clients

An Interpretation Company that Meets Every Need

What makes us stand out from the typical interpreting agency — our impeccable due diligence. Your project manager will analyze your need and connect you with the interpreter that best fits all of the requirements for your interpreting service. This includes matching you with an interpreter fluent in your language pair, who specializes in your industry, and who has an understanding of your interpreting atmosphere.

What mode of interpretation do you need? Our project managers always provide a personal touch, which will help guide you toward the exact mode of interpretation you need.

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Bridging Language Barriers for Successful Communication.

At Portfolio Language Services, we understand that effective communication is vital for success in today's globalized world. Our Interpretation services have helped countless individuals, businesses, and organizations break language barriers and achieve their communication goals. We take pride in our role as a trusted language partner, enabling our clients to communicate with confidence and clarity in diverse linguistic and cultural contexts.

Stay Updated with Our Latest Language Service Updates.

At Portfolio Language Services, we are constantly striving to improve and expand our language services to better serve our clients. Stay updated with our latest news, announcements, and industry insights to learn more about our innovative translation solutions, new language offerings, and updates on the language service industry.

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Do you have an event or conference that needs professional interpreter? Contact Portfolio Language Services today for reliable, accurate, and confidential interpretation services. Our team of expert interpreters are ready to assist you with your language needs. Get in touch with us through our online contact form, email, or phone, and let us help you overcome language barriers and achieve effective communication.


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