What do NFL teams have to say about the Browns QB controversy?

What do teams have the right to say?

The NFL has issued an official statement regarding the quarterback controversy that has gripped Cleveland’s locker room.

Here are five key points.


The league is aware of the situation.

There’s no way to know for sure who was in the room when the video surfaced on Friday, but the NFL is aware.

That’s a strong indication that a player did indeed break the rules.

There are no guarantees that the video is real, but there’s no doubt that the NFL would like to see this situation resolved.


The NFL and Browns are trying to make it clear that this is not a personnel issue.

It was a serious violation of the NFL’s own rules.

The players union has already issued a statement to the media that read in part: We know the players are upset, but we want the league to know we are fully supportive of their feelings.

The statement goes on to say that the league is not investigating any potential violations of the league’s rules, but is only seeking to make clear that the players have every right to express their opinions.


The Browns have acknowledged that the incident occurred.

The team released a statement on Friday saying that they’re “aware of the incident and are working to determine the facts surrounding it.

They also noted that the team is taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”


The two sides have a plan.

Browns general manager Tom Heckert is now expected to be involved in the discussions that will determine whether or not the league will act on the issue.

While he didn’t directly address the video in his press conference on Friday afternoon, he did speak about the situation in general terms, according to multiple sources.

“We know that the situation is very serious, and we want to be very clear to the NFL that it’s not just a personnel matter,” Heckert said.

“It’s a very serious situation, and it’s very concerning to us.

We are doing everything we can to resolve it quickly and safely.

We have to come together as a team. “

In our eyes, it’s a team issue.

We have to come together as a team.

It’s a matter that we all want resolved.

We want to get it resolved.

And we are going to work on that together.”

The Browns will also be discussing the league with its officials, according the team.

“If it’s determined that the rule was broken, we’ll talk to the league,” said Heckert.

5. “

Hopefully it will resolve itself, but it will have to be resolved in a way that will be appropriate to the team and to the community.”


The whole situation is under review.

The situation is being investigated and the Browns are cooperating with the investigation.

Heckert will not be in the locker room on Friday and will not comment on the situation on the sideline.

The coach will remain in his role.

The club has a plan, which could be that the investigation continues for a week or two, but will then move forward with the team’s new policy on handling personnel matters.

There will be no further comments about the matter until the NFL does its own investigation.

If the league does decide to take action against the Browns, the Browns will not get a public apology.

What do teams have the right to say?The NFL has issued an official statement regarding the quarterback controversy that has…

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