Google’s translation engine is “so bad it makes Google’s own”

By Kim Sun-hee-kyo, Yonhap News Agency/AP Google Translate is the world’s largest translation engine, but its translation algorithm has been criticised by critics and users, and it’s now being reevaluated.

Google’s Google Translator has been the subject of criticism over its reliability and accuracy since it launched in 2014.

But it is being reexamined after a recent study showed that it doesn’t always match the words accurately.

This year, Google Translators team members have begun to share some of their findings in a new study on the quality of Google Translations, which will be published in the International Journal of Applied Statistics (IJAS) journal next week.

Google says the study will show that “Google Translating is not reliable,” and that the team is now looking into whether the team should be replaced.

Google Translator is one of the most popular translation engines in the world.

In addition to translating more than 100 million words per day, the translation engine also offers millions of words in other languages.

The company says that its engine provides accurate translations for nearly two thirds of the world population.

The study also found that the translation process is prone to errors.

It found that while Google’s Translate engine does a good job of capturing the meaning of the text, its algorithms tend to get stuck on a single word, or miss words or words that aren’t directly related to the text.

According to Google, it has already corrected these issues and is now testing several more languages.

However, many users have been concerned that Google Translated is too fast and that they often get stuck in translation that’s wrong, even when the original language is in the original text.

This can result in errors that can cause confusion or even a complete misunderstanding.

Some users have said that Google’s translator is not as accurate as it could be, which is a problem because translation is used by businesses and individuals who have different skills and preferences.

Another criticism of Google’s engine is that its accuracy is often inaccurate, which can result when Google uses words that are not necessarily related to their meanings.

Google has also faced criticism for using a fake image to display an image on the Translate homepage, even though Google has removed the image in the past.

By Kim Sun-hee-kyo, Yonhap News Agency/AP Google Translate is the world’s largest translation engine, but its translation algorithm has been…

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