WATCH: Judge signs ‘pearson’ interpreting certificate for California public defender

A judge has signed an interpreting certificate that allows a public defender in California to interpret the state’s “pearson” interpretation of the death penalty.

The signing ceremony, held Wednesday in the California State Supreme Court in Sacramento, came after a group of attorneys representing some of the accused pleaded with the court to give them the same right as other defendants in their death penalty cases.

The group of five attorneys who filed the lawsuit against the state and the federal government on behalf of four of the five accused attorneys said the state had used its pearson interpretation to dismiss all their claims in the cases, leaving them no way to prove their innocence.

The California Supreme Court ruled in December that the state could use the pearson interpretations to dismiss the death sentences of two men who had already been sentenced to death.

The men were convicted in the deaths of two women in 2008 and 2011, according to the lawsuit.

They are:John Doe, 24;John Doe III, 27;Christopher Doe, 27.

The state’s legal team said Wednesday that the decision to grant them the right to use pearson is based on the Supreme Court’s decision in 2012, which allowed a state to use its peaking power to dismiss death sentences that are already decided.

The Peaking Power, the lawsuit said, gives the state the right “to interpret the peaking of a sentence in light of any factual or legal considerations.”

It also said that the right allows the state to “delegate the peering power to another agency, such as a court.”

The state argued that the law does not grant it the right, and the court rejected the argument.

“California’s peaking statute has been the subject of numerous state appeals and is not subject to a new challenge,” a spokesman for Gov.

Gavin Newsom said in a statement.

“The Supreme Court has clearly made clear that the Peaking power is a state function, not a federal one.

We look forward to the court’s final ruling.”

The new interpretation, the state said, allows “anyone, including the attorney general, to use the state peaking authority to dismiss a death sentence.”

A judge has signed an interpreting certificate that allows a public defender in California to interpret the state’s “pearson” interpretation…

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