How to read the ‘Bogus’ B.C. election results

B.I.C.’s NDP won the B.K.C.-Nunavut election, defeating the governing Liberals by nearly 7,000 votes.

But the election also set up the election of an NDP leader and new provincial election to take place in 2018.

NDP candidate and former New Brunswick premier Bill Boyd says he expects to take the lead on the provincial election.

Boyd, who ran in the New Brunswick provincial election last year, has already announced his candidacy.

“We are all in a hurry to get rid of the NDP and we have the momentum in the province,” Boyd said.

“I am going to win, I think it’s fair to say.”

Boyd, 55, a former cabinet minister, won a seat in the provincial legislature in 2015 after winning the nomination in the legislature.

He has been an MLA for seven years.

He’s also the mayor of New Glasgow, New Brunswick, which has a population of about 5,200.

Boyd also said he would support an NDP government, which would also include the NDP government of New Brunswick Premier Darrell Dexter.

The NDP swept the election with more than 56 per cent of the vote.

Boyd said he’s “a very pragmatic person” who believes the provincial government needs to get a grip on its finances.

“This is not a party of the rich and the powerful,” Boyd told the CBC’s In Focus program.

“The NDP will take care of you, I promise you that.”

Boyd has campaigned in his riding in recent years, and his victory has raised hopes that he will be able to win the seat in 2018, which is currently held by the Progressive Conservative party.

However, Boyd said it is still too early to talk about an official election date.

He said he has spoken to a few people who have expressed interest in running in the 2019 provincial election, and the provincial Liberal party has also expressed interest.

Boyd will be challenging Premier Dexter, who is facing criticism for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“You can’t make the same mistakes twice, the NDP will have to learn how to run a government again,” Boyd stated in a recent speech.

He added that if he is successful in his bid, he would be the first New Brunswick politician to hold the premier’s job.

He also criticized the provincial Liberals for spending too much money on public transit, and he also noted that he did not receive an endorsement from Premier Dexter in the May 2019 provincial budget.

The provincial Liberals have already announced they will not participate in the next provincial election scheduled for the fall.

However a federal Liberal party spokesman, Ian Hildebrand, told the Vancouver Sun he does not think it is a good idea for a party leader to announce a candidacy before an election.

“That would be a terrible mistake, because I think a leader who does that could actually be damaging,” Hildebrand said.

In the provincial NDP’s election campaign Boyd was endorsed by the party and by former provincial Premier and Liberal leader Trent Wotherspoon.

“It was an honour to run in a riding that was represented by a former premier and the premier and then I think I won a fair amount of support from the party in the riding, which was a very positive thing,” Boyd explained.

“But it also was a difficult campaign.”

Boyd said that after his defeat he has been very frustrated and disappointed by the way he was treated in the campaign.

“For a lot of people to say that I did not deserve it and that I was not prepared for the challenges of the job is really disappointing,” Boyd added.

“There was a lot that I had to work with, a lot more than I thought I would have to work.”

The NDP has also faced criticism from members of the opposition party for its handling of recent health crises, including a coronaviral pandemic in British Columbia that affected more than 5,000 people and the opioid epidemic in Ontario that has affected about 30,000.

“Our health-care system is in crisis, it is broken, it’s not working, it needs to be fixed,” NDP Leader Andrew Weaver said in an interview with the CBC on Friday.

“And I believe the NDP has taken on the biggest challenge that we have faced since Confederation, and that is dealing with the pandemic and the fentanyl crisis.”

Weaver also criticized Premier Dexter for refusing to call an emergency cabinet meeting for health and safety issues, saying the NDP is “just trying to do the right thing.”

“I think it just shows how the Liberals are doing things,” Weaver said.

B.I.C.’s NDP won the B.K.C.-Nunavut election, defeating the governing Liberals by nearly 7,000 votes.But the election also set up the…

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