What to watch for in the new Bollywood film ‘Fury’ trailer

A new trailer for Bollywood’s new film Fury has been released.

The movie, directed by Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is set in a futuristic India.

The trailer features footage of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag, and other key characters.

It’s a film that has a lot to live up to.

“Bollywood is a big, bold, forward-thinking film and it’s really about the future of this planet,” Leela told ABC News.

“We’re here to celebrate the next wave of humanity that is coming into this planet and they’re all coming together to face the challenges that they’re going to face.”

Read moreThe film’s release comes after India’s Supreme Court banned film trailers that glorify violence.

Leela Bhonsali has said that the trailer was not for entertainment purposes.

“The trailer was just to show the movie to our viewers and show that the film was a very peaceful movie, not to glorify any kind of violence,” he said.

“This is just a film and this is a very sad and sad movie, which is about the end of the world.”

But this film is also about the humanity that exists on this planet, and the fact that people are trying to live a peaceful life, and trying to build a future together.

“Bollywood has already been accused of making violent films in recent years.

In February, the Indian government banned the production of “Bollywood movies” in India, a move that angered many film industry insiders.

Bollywood also faced criticism last year when the country’s largest film distributor, Reliance Entertainment, pulled out of distribution of “Dalbir Jagran” after the film’s makers faced criticism over their violent content.

The film is due to release on February 22.


A new trailer for Bollywood’s new film Fury has been released.The movie, directed by Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is…

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