How to make an interpretive sign to read ‘God is dead’ on the train

The train’s driver has an interpretation sign for the people in the back seat.

The sign is called Interpretive Sign and it reads: “I believe the train is leaving today.

We are leaving on the 1st of January 2018.”

The sign has a big yellow “God is Dead” in the center.

It says, “God loves and believes in Jesus Christ.

He died for our sins.

His body is buried with Him in the Virgin Mary.”

A man behind the wheel explains to passengers how to interpret the sign.

He says,”It says God is dead.

We don’t want to be the last to say it.

You can be as literal as you want, but you can’t say it.”

It has been around for almost 20 years, and the train’s conductor says the sign has become more popular in recent years.

He said,”We’ve seen more people get on board than before.

It’s really grown in popularity.

You’ll see it in all the different languages on the trains.

It goes well with the train, people just love the look of it.”

The conductor said the sign is the most popular sign on the line.

He added,”I have a little sign in my pocket.

I can just put it on the side of the train and then when I get on the next train, I can put it there.”

The train’s driver has an interpretation sign for the people in the back seat.The sign is called Interpretive Sign and…

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