What happens when a doctor who treats you gets sick?

A Canadian doctor who has been in hospital since May has been given a provisional medical interpreter certificate by the Canadian Medical Association.

Dr. Yves Dufresne, of Vancouver Coastal Health, was given the certificate after his wife was admitted to hospital on May 27 with pneumonia.

He says he’s been working with the hospital for the past few weeks and has been very impressed with the staff.

He’s hopeful the certificate will make his work easier, and it’s not yet clear whether it will be enough to get him into an ICU.

The CMA has yet to make a decision on whether to renew Dufre’s contract.

If the union does not approve, the doctor will no longer be able to practice medicine in the province.

He’s also hoping that his certificate will help to ease the pressure on the hospital.

He says his wife’s symptoms were quite severe and that he had to put her into intensive care for several days.

His health is not the only thing on his mind, he says.

He has been trying to find a way to get his wife discharged from hospital, but it’s a slow process.

“It’s been a difficult process, but we’ve been trying,” he says of getting her out of the ICU and back into the hospital so she can continue to work.

He believes the certificate is the first step towards getting him into the ICUs, but says that it may take more than one day for the CMA to approve his appointment.

He is hoping to see an ICUs spokesperson within two weeks to hear his side of the story.

The Canadian Medical Council says that in the past, medical interpreters have been able to provide the same services as medical doctors, but that is not always the case.

The CMA says the certificates will only be valid for one year.

A Canadian doctor who has been in hospital since May has been given a provisional medical interpreter certificate by the…

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