When will the government stop?

When it comes to a debate on the future of Australia’s carbon tax, the government will be “the last one standing”, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said.

In a video address to parliament on Monday, Mr Abbott said that if the carbon tax failed to secure a majority in the Senate, it would be “a very big loss for the people of Australia”.

“I want to reassure Australians that if we lose a Senate vote, it’s not going to be a big loss, it will be a very big win for the Liberal Party,” Mr Abbott told the House of Representatives.

“That means we will get the legislation passed.

It means we can do our job.”

Mr Abbott has called for a full review of the carbon pricing system to find ways to make it work better.

The Government’s carbon pricing policy was introduced in September 2016 and was supposed to generate a $10-per-tonne price increase for most household products.

But with the market already struggling with the high price of fossil fuels, the Government has said the price should rise further.

On Monday, the Prime Minister said the Government would not back down on its commitment to “put people first”.

“We will make the carbon price higher, we will make it fair and we will do it in a way that’s fair to the Australian taxpayer,” he said.

Topics:climate-change,government-and-politics,government,national-parliament,australiaFirst posted September 20, 2019 18:16:11Contact Sarah Hartz

When it comes to a debate on the future of Australia’s carbon tax, the government will be “the last one…

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