When Squidward gets a little bit too “savage”, he asks for help!

On the heels of a viral video featuring a squishy squirt of squids making out, an internet meme is taking the internet by storm.

In the video, Squidward is shown dancing naked, with his genitals exposed, to a crowd of people.

The internet has been filled with people arguing about whether this is OK or not.

Some have said it’s inappropriate, while others say it’s not, and if it’s OK then Squidward should do it again.

“I’m just going to go with ‘yes,'” says the video’s creator, “because it’s Squidward.”

It’s a reaction from a woman who says she’s seen this kind of thing before.

“The thing is, I’ve had it before and it didn’t get me off,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“But when I saw Squidward do it, I just felt like he was in a position where he could make a joke, and I didn’t feel bad about that.”

But when the video was shared on social media, it sparked outrage.

The video’s author and some other users took to Reddit and Twitter to voice their opinion, with many saying they were offended by the video and that it shouldn’t have happened.

They said that it’s disrespectful to a squid and should have been taken down.

“It’s kind of a funny video, but the way it was made was so disturbing,” one person commented.

“You don’t have to agree with Squidward to be offended by it.

You just have to know the context,” another person wrote.

“That Squidward can actually dance naked and be so gross is just sickening.

It’s not okay.”

The controversy has been making its way around social media platforms and even the news cycle, with some people taking it upon themselves to comment on it and some saying that it doesn’t matter.

“There is no way that anyone should be able to get away with this, and this is not something that is something that a normal person should have to endure,” one Twitter user wrote.

It took a long time for the squid to be taken down, but that wasn’t enough for some users.

“People are still calling him out, but people need to stop,” said one user.

“This is not a normal thing to be doing.”

Many users have taken to social media to voice outrage at the video.

Some people have even called for the video to be deleted.

Some are calling on Squidward and others to take a break from dancing naked and to go to a nudist resort instead.

“He’s a bit of a weirdo,” one Reddit user wrote, explaining that Squidward has previously had some sexual encounters with people.

“If Squidward was doing that, it would be completely normal.

I don’t see how that’s any different from a guy getting off with another guy in a park,” another user added.

“So why the hell is he so offended?”

The Squidward community is taking action, too.

“We need to have a conversation about how we should deal with this kind and extreme behavior,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“Do we have to continue to dance to this, or do we have the courage to say that we don’t feel comfortable with it?”

The Squidrenty community, which has over 17,000 members on Reddit, has rallied around the original video creator, posting videos of themselves dancing naked.

One user said they are still in a constant state of shock and disgust.

“My girlfriend and I were at a friend’s house and we were in the shower and she saw us dancing naked,” the video user said.

“She started to scream at us and we just couldn’t believe it.

She was shocked.”

The Squidreen community is also rallying around the video creator.

“Please know that we support Squidward’s right to be a man and to be himself, and that we respect his right to express himself in whatever way he sees fit,” the Squidrent community wrote on Facebook.

“Squidward’s nudity is perfectly acceptable and is part of what makes Squidward unique.”

But the Squidrence community is divided over whether it should be taken off the internet.

“As someone who is not in the same boat as Squidward, I don, in all honesty, find this offensive,” one Squidrence user wrote in a comment.

“However, Squidrence is also a person who has had an unfortunate experience with sexual assault, and has decided that his right not to be groped is more important than his right NOT to be harassed.”

The original Squidrence video has since been removed from the internet, but there are still many fans who love it.

“Why should I be offended when Squidward does it?

Squidward needs to stop it,” one of the original Squidrenters wrote on Twitter.

“To me, Squidray’s dancing naked is the same as being gay or lesbian.

We all have our issues with sexual orientation and body image

On the heels of a viral video featuring a squishy squirt of squids making out, an internet meme is taking…

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