NFL: How can I learn to interpret a confidence interval?

The NFL is testing a new way of interpreting a confidence-interval in which the players’ accuracy in the play is tracked to a specific point on the ball.

The idea is to learn to see the confidence interval as a line that goes from zero to five.

The confidence-Interval Interpretation System, which will be used in two preseason games, is being tested at NFL training camps and preseason games in Arizona and Los Angeles.

The system uses a series of data points, called data points (PDs), to create a confidence intervals, or the percentage that a player’s accuracy in a play is within the range of the PDs.

The PDs are created using a formula that determines the percentage of the data points that are within the confidence intervals.

If a player misses a PD, the system will subtract one percent from the confidence-percentage.

If the player makes a PD in the confidence range, the confidence percentage will increase.

In the NFL, the PD is an average of the two PDs and a standard deviation.

The formula is a combination of the “standard deviation” (the range of PDs) and the “confidence interval.”

The formula can be interpreted as “confidence intervals increase.”

The goal is to increase the confidence that the players are actually performing well in the game.

The confidence intervals are calculated as a percentage, not a mean.

The system is being used at preseason games and training camps in Arizona.

The teams will test it on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The results will be released at the end of the season.

The PD is the percentage range of a player�s accuracy in one situation in which a player is not actually performing as expected.

The average PD is a .90, and the confidence ranges are .90 to 1.00.

For example, if a quarterback misses a 50-yard field goal in a 3-on-3 game, that means that the PD was .85.

If, however, a player missed a 50 yard field goal when the ball was snapped, that meant the PD had increased to .94.

The goal is not to just see a player perform better.

The goal of the system is to see a confidence range that is not below that player� s actual performance, and if a player makes the PD, then the PD will increase in that player’s confidence range.

The formula is different than other data points used to create confidence intervals in the NFL.

It is designed to give players a sense of how accurate they are, and that is what the PD system is meant to do.

The confidence interval is not a good indicator of how well a player performed.

It may be a reasonable way to measure whether a player was a good quarterback in a certain situation.

But it is not good enough to know whether the player was actually successful in a particular situation.

The expectation that players will play better in games, or play better at home, has not changed, but it has changed how we analyze the sport.

The expectation that every player is capable of being successful at every position in every game is not what is needed to measure how well players perform.

The data is not the same as it was a few years ago, but the trend is still there.

It just has been more complicated to see how much more effective players have been at each position in the sport over the last few years.

The players were able to get to the playoffs last year because they played well.

This year, players will have to play better to get the chance to play again.

The NFL is testing a new way of interpreting a confidence-interval in which the players’ accuracy in the play is…

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