When will the next ‘baddi’ be in the news?

The Indian Government is gearing up to unveil its second ‘badli’ of 2017, a series of posters aimed at celebrating the anniversaries of birthdays and birthdays of national heroes.

The posters will be distributed across the country in public spaces on December 16 and will be displayed for a few days in all major cities.

In December 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked to unveil a ‘badsli’ for his birthday, and on December 22 he was inaugurated.

It has been widely reported that his government is considering a ‘badli’ that commemorates a person’s birthday, which will also be released in public places in February.

The government has already introduced a poster with the birthdays, anniversities and personalities of the country’s most famous leaders, including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former President Pranab Mukherjee, former Prime Ministers Rajiv Gandhi and Manmachai Lalit, and ex-President Pranav Kumar Shekhar.

The posters will not feature the personalities of these leaders but instead a depiction of their life and achievements.

The government is also looking to showcase the work of some of India’s most successful citizens, such as former Chief Minister Jitendra Singh and former Chief Secretary Kailash Satyarthi.

It is expected that many of the posters will feature prominent personalities such as actor Amitabh Bachchan, who has been known to wear a red-and-black pinstripe hat with the tagline ‘Birthday Badli’.

Bachchan has also been known for wearing a ‘birthday badli’ pinstripenhat, as well as the ‘Birthdays Badli’ bumper stickers that he often wears in public.

Amitabh Sachdev, who also appeared in a bumper sticker last year, said that he wore a ‘Births Badli pinstriperhat for two years.

It’s a very important symbol for me.

I also wore a birthday badli in 2014.

I wore one again in 2015.

I wear it again this year.

I am also wearing one again this time.

I will wear one again next year.’

He also tweeted: “Birthdays badli is a symbol of success and dignity.

It is a mark of a great nation.

I have worn it for 2 years.”

Former Prime Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi, who is also a national hero, tweeted that he had worn a ‘Badli pinstrip’ for more than two years and said that it was a symbol for a great country.

He said that if I wear a Badli, then I am proud of the great country of India and the country of my countrymen.

He also tweeted, “It is a good symbol of the achievement of a nation.”

Amitbhan Shah, who was also a National Hero, tweeted, ‘Amitbhai, your tagline for your birthday is: ‘I am proud to wear the Badli.’

I am not ashamed.

I can wear it every day of my life.

You can wear a tagline like this in your life, you have a good life.’

Former Prime Ministers Pranib Mukherji and Rajiv Malhotra also wore the Badls.

The tagline reads: ‘Mukherji is proud to be the father of the Badl’.

Bollywood star Amitabha Bachchan also wore an ‘Badl pinstripperhat’.

He tweeted that “I wear a pinstriplerhat on my birthday every year, to mark my achievement in my life.”

In November last year when Prime Minister Modi was sworn in, he wore the ‘Badls’ bumper sticker on his forehead, which is a famous symbol of India.

He said that in 2017, “it is a badli for my birthday.

I do not like it, but it is for the day.

I like it for the country.”

In September last year on his first day in office, Prime Ministers Arun Jaitley and Pranay Mukherjea also wore pins with the ‘badl’ tagline on their heads.

Jaitley was seen wearing a Badl pinstrip on his neck as he made his way into the National Assembly in New Delhi on September 16, and later on he wore it on his head as he was sworn-in.

Japans Chief Minister said on September 18 that the government had a “serious problem” with the use of the badl tagline and that it would be a “big problem” in the coming months.

The Indian Government is gearing up to unveil its second ‘badli’ of 2017, a series of posters aimed at celebrating…

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