Which Tarot Interpretations Are More Realistic?

The Tarot is a powerful and versatile tool, and we need to keep it up to date.

So why aren’t there more of them?

In this episode of the podcast, author and journalist Sam Tabor talks with Tarot author and Tarot reader Robert Kiyosaki about the intersection of the cards with real world events, the evolution of the art, and how the cards are used to interpret the world.

Sam and Robert also talk about the evolution and development of the Tarot card, as well as some of the current issues in the field.

They discuss how Tarot cards are being used to help patients understand their own health, the importance of using cards as tools, and the impact of modernity on the practice of the tarot.

Sam is a contributing editor for New York magazine.

He is a member of the editorial board of The Atlantic.

He has published in the New York Times, Esquire, and The New Republic, among others.

He also writes and edits Tarot and Tarote.

Sam also contributes to the podcast.

Tarot Reader Robert Kysa is a Tarot expert and practitioner.

He’s a founding member of The Taroteur and editor of The Spirit of Tarot, among other publications.

He graduated from Yale with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in English Literature and Philosophy.

He worked as a reporter for The Washington Post and as a freelance journalist for the Los Angeles Times.

Taroteurs have helped thousands of people understand and heal.

Tarotes work has been recognized by the National Association of State Booksellers and the National Book Award.

Tarots cards can be found at www.tarpot.com

The Tarot is a powerful and versatile tool, and we need to keep it up to date.So why aren’t there…

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