New research shows how brain scans can tell if you’re reading a script or just seeing a cartoon

The latest research suggests that brain scans might tell you whether you’re seeing a story or reading a comic book.

Brain scans have been used to identify people with mental illness and autism since the 1990s, but this latest study suggests they can also tell us more about the brain.

The study was published online on Thursday by Science Advances.

It involved researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University of California at San Diego, the University at Buffalo, the California Institute of Technology and the University College London.

The researchers scanned the brains of 24 volunteers and asked them to describe a scene in a comic or film and what it was like.

They found that brain activity was different depending on which part of the brain was activated during the task.

They then asked the volunteers to write a description of the scene, which they were asked to interpret.

Researchers found that if the brain activity in the right posterior cingulate cortex, or the part of it involved in visual perception, was different to what people were seeing in the comic, it could be used to tell if the person was reading the comic or just imagining it.

Brain scan activity showed that if people were using a visual analogy, they were more likely to interpret it as a comic than a movie.

In the left posterior cedulate, the researchers found that participants who thought they were reading a book and saw the comic were more sensitive to this interpretation.

This study is important because it shows that the brain is very capable of interpreting language.

The scientists think that if they could see brain activity changes in the brains during reading or watching a cartoon, it might help them better understand what people are reading and thinking.

They believe this might help people with intellectual disabilities like autism and reading difficulties.

The research was funded by the Royal Society and the National Institutes of Health.


The latest research suggests that brain scans might tell you whether you’re seeing a story or reading a comic book.Brain…

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