Court interpreter jobs

Updated February 12, 2018 05:33:17 A new set of court interpreters are on the way to the courtroom.

The Federal Government has announced the opening of a new role in the Australian Capital Territory.

Federal Court Judge Richard Latham has been appointed to the new role, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirmed in a statement.

“Judge Latham is a skilled and experienced court interpreter who has served on the Federal Court bench for nearly 40 years,” the statement said.

A career judge Judge Latham was appointed to Federal Court in 2014 after a period as a judge on the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

The role is a one-year appointment, but Judge Loughton has been offered the job for another year, and will be paid the salary of a career judge.

While the Federal Government will continue to pay Judge Lavell to administer the court system, he will also be eligible to retire with full pay.

Judge Lavett’s appointment comes just days after the Federal Parliament passed legislation that gives judges an extra four years to complete their training.

It is the second time Judge Laughton has returned to the Federal Bench after retiring from the High Court in September.

He has previously served as a magistrate, and the Federal Department of Justice said the appointment was part of an ongoing review of the Federal Courts system.

Court interpreters were introduced in the Commonwealth in 2004, but the Federal Office of Court Administration said the new roles will not apply to the Australian courts.

They will be required to be bilingual, attend a trial or hearing, and be able to interpret and interpret complex legal texts.

‘Fantastic’ judge says Australia will get ‘fantastic judge’Judge Laugh-ton is one of a number of judges who will be eligible for the role, along with Supreme Court Justice James Murch, Supreme Court of Queensland Justice Catherine Hinton and Federal Court Justice Anne O’Sullivan.

Justice O’Neill said the role would bring to the courts “a fantastic, fabulous Australian judge who will give Australians a chance to learn the court process and interpret it with an international degree of fluency”.

“The new role will be an excellent addition to the Court of Appeal and will enhance the level of competency and professionalism of our judges,” she said.

Judge Loughson was appointed on the recommendation of the Chief Justice of the High and Upper Tribunal of New South Wales, which includes judges from the Northern and Northern Territory.

“The role will provide a strong, international voice in the courtroom, in the judicial system, and in the public debate about the role of judges in Australia,” Chief Justice Murch said in a release.

Chief Justice Munch said the job was a “great opportunity” for judges who have not previously worked in court.

“In the past, judges have relied on their experience and expertise in the courts and the Australian public,” she added.

“As an interpreter, Judge Laugton will bring the expertise of a bilingual court interpreter and the skills and experience of a court interpreter to the role.”

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Updated February 12, 2018 05:33:17 A new set of court interpreters are on the way to the courtroom.The Federal Government…

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